October 12, 2014
September 22, 2014
September 3, 2014

classic shit on a wednesday night.

September 2, 2014

Friends of mine run Every Stranger Looks Like Youa Sludge/Rock/Hardcore band .

They just released a FREE 3-song EP, which includes a cover of Gifted by French MontanaThe Weeknd. It’s the best thing ever!

TLDR; French Montana/The Weeknd hardcore/sludge cover

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Endless Summer EP 

3 new tracks, free download!

August 16, 2014
August 8, 2014

die! die! die!

August 3, 2014   1 note

I never really put descriptions with music I post no more as this blog became more of a personal list of ‘music-I-was-into-at-that-moment’ than something I absolutely want to share…

However, this blog has got dozens of followers, most of whom I don’t know, and who never really interacted with this blog.

To you: If you’re ever going to check anything on here, make it this album. 


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July 28, 2014   1 note

I started a new youtube movie review channel with my good friend Glen. Check it out and subscribe if you like it!

Episode 1: Should You Watch: How To Train Your Dragon 2

July 21, 2014   1 note

women lie.

July 18, 2014
July 17, 2014
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